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Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, strictly over 13 and accompanied by a legal guardian. IDs will be checked prior to commencing the event. Parents / Guardians accept full responsibility/liability for their minor children by allowing them to attend this event.


How do I purchase tickets?

Bookings can be made from the Dark Asylum Events website only. There are no gate sales. 


How many participants are at the event?

Depending on the time of night there could be anywhere from 200-300 participants at the event. This could also include groups.


Can I make up my own group?

Definitely – come as a team. No more than 15 in a group though. 


Where can I play Dark Asylum Events?

Auckland only.

Can I bring alcohol to a Dark Asylum Event?

No alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited at the event venue or during the event due to health and safety reasons. Management reserves the right to refuse entry into any Dark Asylum Event if alcohol is detected. Security and Dark Asylum Events staff will be present at all events. 

How do we get to the event?

Directions will be provided on the ticket as well as during the ticket purchase process. The event venue will vary depending on the Darky Asylum Experience. 


How physical is the game?

Do not participate in the event if you’re not physically fit and able to walk long distances over rough terrain. There is no contact with the actors and we expect you not to touch the actors as well. 

Are there any SpecialFX?

Yes, Dark Asylum Events uses fog, intense sound & lighting, low lighting, strobe lights and other technical equipment for effects. 

What will I have to do?

Navigate through designated areas of the venue cautiously. 

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